What about if weight problems don’t have to do with dieting nor exercising? What if obesity, and other weight problems could be solved and discarded by knowing better how our bodies work and why they look to support us, in many matters, by having a disturbing body weight? What matters? All unattended experiences which were not dealt with because, mainly, of fear.

Over 14 years of research and over 3,000 attendees to our workshop, have regained their perfect weight, eating all what their bodies demand, and maintained it through time, regaining health as well.

After our workshop, the mean of waist measure modification is two inches and we’ve got a bimodal curve, of 1 to 3 inches, but, in a six month period, most of our participants get to their ideal weight.

Our workshop is delivered online by technological platforms on live streaming, and has only 12 sessions, on a weekly basis, including one or two individual coaching sessions.

As most findings, this one was unexpected, accidental and by chance, since we were looking for means as to lead oversized surgical patients, deal with the weight loss the surgery was made for.

The results were astonishing as the pre-surgical patients, started loosing weight comfortably, while reconnecting to their bodies.